John Gierach Book Signing

Saturday, April 8th @ Old Town

11am - 2pm

Photo courtesy of Michael Dvorak

His name is one of the most well known throughout the fly fishing world.  His books are required literature for any aspiring fly fisherman and unquestioned classics for any veteran angler.  His words capture the wide range of feelings, emotions, and intricacies of our sport that have captivated so many of us for so long.

We are excited to announce the latest addition of classics, in a long list of classics from John Gierach.  His latest book, A Fly Rod of Your Own, will be available for purchase on April 4th.  We will be hosting John a few days later on Saturday, April 8th at the Old Town shop from 11am – 2pm for anybody to come by and get the latest Gierach book signed by the man himself.  Mark this one down on the calendar folks, you’re not going to want to miss this!   


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