St. Peter's Spey School

St. Peters Fly Shop Old Town

(970) 498-8968

Saturday, April 1st 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Saturday, May 6th, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Learn the fundamentals of spey casting with a full day on water casting class with FFF Certified casting instructor Grant Houx. There is often times a misconception that spey casting is only for giant rivers and steelhead. Though it is a great tool for that application, spey rods and casting can also be adapted to trout and our local waters. This class will focus on the basics of spey, as the fundamentals are the same no matter what species you’re fishing for. There will be an added focus on how to apply spey casting to trout. We will discuss fishing techniques, proper equipment, lines, and fly selection from streamers to soft hackles. Another misconception we will discuss is that spey casting is only done with “really long rods.” Longer rods do make for longer casts, but it doesn’t take a spey rod to make a spey cast.  Once you see how to spey cast with a single handed rod, you will wonder why you didn’t learn these techniques a decade ago. In short, learning the spey cast is guaranteed to make you a better single handed angler.

Lastly, did we mention that spey casting is a blast? If you haven’t had a chance to learn the techniques of the spey cast, just wait till you try! Ask any one of our staff members, the second they picked it up they couldn’t put it down.

Take your angling abilities to the next level and sign up today. 

- $150 per person – all gear is included. Lunch and beverages provided

-  The fee includes a additional day of free rental of a spey set up.


Please call Old Town shop to sign up at 970-498-8968

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